The intension of this labyrinth is pure and powerful and in complete oneness with the road each of us has to go, your path in life, in community with others and society as a whole. The intention someone implants, gives direction to the energy stream with which something is being put into the world. This stream of energy causes the final result, from whereon you can carry on. This process is never-ending. This process defines the direction humanity takes and the speed with which changes that announce themselves can take place. At present this process is speeding up because of the rotation change of the time spiral towards 2012. This changeover has already started and humanity itself will be responsible for the way in which this proces will take place, in love or hardness. If it will be carried with love, everything will happen smoothly, carried in harmony by nature and all the elementary beings. These beings are active on our fields, our forests and our nature areas without any self-profit.

Enclosing or protecting yourself or something else, has an effect on the flow of energy. Enclosure blocks the universal energy and creates an overdose in energy of patterns and habits that in the course of years may have established themselves and got stuck. This energy blocks the functioning of your innermost essence. This sometimes expresses itself in patterns and habits that gradually take over and influence and determine more and more your doings.