Further developments

Natura green
Natura green is a little bag filled with off cuts of Seguoiadendron twigs. This bag can be used by just carrying it on one, by putting it with you in bed or by taking a cure in bath. All these methods have their own effect. Carrying it on one has the effect similar to that of herbs working energetically on you, so that you can find the rest you need. If you put the bag in your bed it will do its work during the time you are fully in rest and thus will intensify your sleep. The bath cure will be most intense, because the energy is carried by water. Besides, this cure will be necessary only once, because it has a big after effect. The whole is active, because it will heal parts in your body, which are present there for a long period of time. However, you do not know how to bare them and subsequently heal them. Besides, the action is soft and  intense so that  you can always continue to function. This is important , so that you will always keep your balance.


The working of the little bag of Sequoiadendron wood chips occurs owing to the connection there is with the trees from which they have been cut. The working is long-lasting and intense. The connections which the manager has made and maintains  are the basis for it. The working is exclusively acting on your  energy field and can consequently be felt directly in your body. This is possible , because the astral and etheric bodies are entirely connected with your earthly body. The astral body is your soul body and your etheric or living body include your chakras, blood circulation and digestion. Owing to the cleaning of these two bodies, the energy flow can recover in your earthly body.  


Natura plants 
Natura plants are the plants we grow in our plant nursery. They are selected for people personally. This is possible because our nursery is cooperating completely with with nature, whereas the plants can bear the energy that is generated this way. The plants will be acting on your energy field. We cannot tell in advance what the effect will be on you, because this also depends on how far you are open to this matter. The effect as well as the speed of change are different for everybody. A supplement of information on the subject can be found on our website  www.naturaplants.nl . We have launched this special website, because here we present the basis of all our activities and this explains how we have started. Natura plants are forming an important part of what we do. In the beginning I worried about plants suffering a lot and even die at home. Now I understand that the energy that is generated when we select plants for someone burdens those plants enormously. The plants in question are working for man. This is a completely new phenomenon in our consciousness.  I have reconciled myself to this now, accepting it as helpfulness to man.

Naturaplants are a supplement to your garden. Their action is such that a HEALING GARDEN is coming into being. The plants will be working for you, this entirely new. Also new are the STEVIA REBAUDIANA Naturaplants that we are offering now. Much information on them can be found on the internet.


Tree Alley
The tree alley is formed by two rows of Sequoiadendron trees, which have been selected for the purpose of helpfulness to man. These trees are bearing the energy, the effect of which you can feel. If you walk through this path you feel the silence, the quiet and the direct effect on your body. This effect can work in a different way on every person. Walking through this alley is a good thing to do having walked the labyrinth, however, you can also just do it between times. You can sit down there, exchange experiences with other people, however, you should especially just enjoy the birds, the plants and various animals. These trees are the basis Natura Green that is being cut off here. The action occurs because you walk in the zero point energy field. This is the field the existence of which  was not known by science, however, nowadays its action is experienced more and more without man being able to fathom it and to discover what it is exactly. This energy may express itself here and be felt.  

Cosmic Activator
What happens on a field when working the ground using iron implements is the following: the cosmic powers that are very much needed in the ground are interrupted. This results in imbalance in the ground. The supply of information from the cosmos is cut. This information is necessary to control processes in plants and soil. This is manifestly not good, because the soil is still containing some old, however, as years go by this will fade away. Then an empty dead soil will remain.  By binding this instrument to an implement or by walking with it on a field the cosmic radiation will be repaired again. You can also take this implement in your hands and walk with it in thought on the field. This is far easier yet. The implement contains beech and oak wood, however, it is of great importance where this wood is coming from. Furthermore you can use good quality compost, which helps to make the connection between earth and cosmos.

Natura disc
The Natura disc is selected for somebody personally, just like Natura plants. It originates from the Sequoiadendron trees in our tree alley. The effect of the Natura disc is , to combine the inner self totally with the energy of Christ. The energy of Christ which has descended into earth by the surrender of 1 man 2000 years ago. After that this action has enabled all people to unite with this. This is a privilege that has been given to mankind.


Natura oil and Natura Sequoiadendron distillate
In February 2010 we have started preparing ethereal oil from Sequoiadendron shreds through steam distillation. In the beginning  we also had oil. During the 4th time of the process something very special happened: the water started moving and the oil was absorbed again by the water. This was put in 3 barrels, which proved to work  all 3 differently. The product we call Natura distillate.

Natura oil chiefly works on inner love, self-love. This is a very important item for man, because self-love determines what a man can receive and give as love. It can be used for massage, evaporation or rubbing. Important places to rub include the insides of the wrists, the heart region and the temples. the best thing to do after applying is to rest for half an hour.

The action of the distillate is different. It occurs in combination with the external world.

The action of distillate will  is the converting, transforming of the will to acceptation and from there to inspiration, however, this time inspiration entirely from inside.

Advice fore use: rub the insides of the wrists before going to sleep.

Distillate feeling is the connecting factor between thinking and will. This is the turning point from where the connecting with the external world occurs. The feeling is the core from where man should start living, working and put things in society. Advice for use: rub the heart region before going to sleep.

Distillate thinking is meant for the transformation of thinking into knowing from inside. This is a rather difficult process for many people, because in our society thinking is acquired from childhood. Advice for use: Rub the temples before going to bed.

The activities are described now as quick processes in practice, however, this is not true. Changes usually occur slowly, which also depends on the intention of a man him- / herself.

Of oil there are bottles of 10 ml and 100 ml; of distillates just 10 ml.

Natura distillate Wollemia
De Wollemia really is a prehistoric plant. Its action is mere from a unit. It is so universal that problems can be rectified which con not be remedied at the moment in any other way. The action occurs by rubbing Wollemia distillate on the soles of the feet. The action is not a very quick one, however, it lasts quite long after one has stopped rubbing. This is one of the new ways to solve energetic problems through contact with the body. Natura Wollemia distillate is meant for somebody personal, just like Natura plants and Natura discs. Additional information on the subject will be given later on.

Natura Herbs
The Natura “Sun Egg” is a field with a piece of wood, a vegetable garden and the form of an egg which has been completely filled with plants. The field is at a distance of about two kilometres from our nursery. An egg form offers the possibility of providing new life. This can only be realised with any help from outside. The egg form on the outside changes towards the middle into a  lemniscate inside. A lemniscate (8 form) is the form of infinity, emptiness. The space within the egg has been planted with a variety of plants, kinds of plants that want to be helpful as Natura herbs. The form forces referred to are active in these plants. The whole project was started in 2006 and developed step by step. It is managed by Brita. The work is done by her and people who dedicate themselves voluntarily and who, by doing this, are experiencing an inner development. Now the stage has been reached that the Natura herbs are ready. It is a mixture of about 25 herbs which all have their own contribution.