Welcome to the website of
Maria-Labyrint Wernhout


The Maria labyrint is open every day, from sunrise to sunset

This website is intended to give you an insight into the action of the labyrinth. The labyrinth takes effect in the depth of your inner self, on what and who you really are. This effect will manifest itself within a certain period of time by a different way of thinking , feeling and sensing things again and by being in life again in a natural way. This sounds as if you are changing completely, however,  the way it happens is quite natural and gradual whereas it is entirely consistent with your environment.  This website shows you what effect the energy of this  labyrinth has, not only on you but also on your environment. This environment is also of importance because it makes things clear to you. What I mean is, if you get a signal of for example anger, this will in principle also be inside yourself. Sometimes this hard to accept, yet it is true. If this enters your consciousness, you can try and find out in quietness what could be the cause of the origin and bring this back to light again. The whole can be overlooked so well , because things happen gradually.

The Maria labyrinth came into being as a result of a visit to the Chartres Cathedral. This cathedral goes all the way back to about 1100 AD. At the back of it there is a labyrinth that walked by lots of people. This labyrinth and the Maria Labyrinth together generate energy that is very powerful. This happens in a physical way, which we can not yet understand. This energy is very strong, however, it is adjusted to the people who walk the labyrinth, so that they will always be able to function normally.

The Maria Labyrinth has additional dimensions and has evolved in the course of time. This is a process of progress of mankind throughout time. A process of gaining independence, of responsibility and broadening consciousness. By walking the labyrinth, you walk your own path. Everyone has his or her path of life, although the material is the same labyrinth. This is possible owing to a connection with the earthly and highest energies. Walking the labyrinth is beneficial for everyone, enabling one to get an insight into the reason for being here on earth. This is necessary to become aware of your thinking, feeling and acting in the world. The Wernhout labyrinth has been drawn by Jan Mouws whereas Louis Mouws has laid the material. Louis Mouws is responsible for the physical management and Jan Mouws for the energetic supervision. This is important, because  management will keep the energy, whereas progress or development may continue.

The labyrinth is has been a creation in progress throughout many centuries. In the past a labyrinth was laid, aiming at  walking or crawling a path in order to gain inner purity and to be able to cope with the future period of time. This course of action was pursued regularly, as a result which the energy level was increased continually. The energy level gained this way was used to create new things which were introduced into the world. Now this labyrinth has appeared on our earth, which has a partial renewal  inside. Renewal in the sense of understanding of time. Time management, which people can use. Also consciousness of the path of people themselves is illuminated here. The result is that your life will be aiming more at the things your are coming to learn and do here. You will meet people who can help here. To put it short, your life will gradually change. This change will also be noticed by people surrounding. In this way you will be able show your insights.